Let’s be dangerous together.

email: cfassett [at] ap [dot] org (personal email upon request)

twitter (open DMs): @camfassett

wire: @camill3

PGP key: 0xdb49df11d5b398c3 (fingerprint: 1C5E 2955 0F40 7E07 D5FB 15AE DB49 DF11 D5B3 98C3)

keybase: camfassett

signal: upon request

You can leak me documents securely and anonymously by submitting through the Lucy Parsons Labs SecureDrop. instructions to do so

If you’re considering sharing information in the public interest with the press, I: 1) applaud your courage 2) highly encourage you to read the SecureDrop source guide, which contains useful tips for communicating securely and/or anonymously. This is especially important if what you’d like to share is related to national security. (If that’s the case, before reading the source guide, please make sure you’re using Tor Browser, which you can download here.)